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"Painting for me is not an impulsive creative act. It is the patient work of balancing my craving for life and inner couriosity for the world with my restless research for perfection." 

About me

I consider myself a contemporary realist painter.

Born in the very scenographic and historical city of Verona at the beginning of the 80s, since I was a kid I had a great interest ed in drawing and art. My personal path as artist had begun in 2012, when I started taking painting and history-of-art classes at the Academy of Fine Arts Cignaroli in Verona. As for my last projects, they concern contemporary themes such as metropolitan areas, their variety in people types, and the pleasure of travelling.


If you would like to appreciate live my art works, to commisionate me a theme or to buy my frames, please visit the galleries actually hosting my pieces:


MFFGALERIE, Paris - France  

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SINGULART, Online art gallery

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Alternatively, you can directly contact me by email.

I will be glad to provide you with all the information you need.

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