Denis Gambaretto’s pictorial art shows the outstanding ability to grasp an impression, the fleeting nuance of a smile, to impress light and color upon a vague, distant gaze, to dig into a deeply lived emotion. Without getting lost in the maze of elusive intertwined shadows, frame after frame – it comes true by a purposeful and shaping perspective that nourishes and renews the artistic gesture.
Denis Gambaretto is a young artist from Verona, who has always been in love with drawing, colour and matter, in an intuitive crescendo that moulds the shapes and subjugates them to ideas and vision. He portrays the reality of everyday gestures, of a fleeting moment, of a lost expression and transforms them by his instinctive manual skill.
Yet, his art is capable of virtuosities that join scratchy and soft strokes , bright and monochromatic chromatism, through an unending research that is also a journey into the soul, into what is most intimate in it and in each of us and discloses almost unconsciously at every colour transition and furrow of the soil. His paintings bring to mind glimpses of last century’s great overseas pictorial production in a never-ending renewal and pursuit of new perspectives and unexpected lines.
It is not only a temporal journey, for it crosses his artworks as a lasting leitmotiv that has been alive in the represented subjects since the beginning of his creative process, in a crescendo of chiaroscuro leading to further experimentation and ever-new vision.
What Denis Gambaretto has met in a continuous flow of emotions and sensations finds in his hands the way to become vibrant energy on the canvas and materializes in a path that leads the observer to discover privileged locations and impressions, grasped among the invisible threads of a narrow space that opens, however, to the infinite.
It is thanks to these original features that Denis Gambaretto ‘s art is perceived as made by a first person narrator able to take whoever approaches it almost to the threshold of vision. The encounter frees the observers opens them to new perspectives and lets them grasp the charm of snapshots caught at the height of their action, when time and space are suspended. It is a natural and fascinating evolution that in the hands of the artist, turns into a hic et nunc that always comes true in the eyes of those who stop to contemplate. As Constantin Brancusi stated, “Art has to be given all of a sudden. All in one shot, the shock of life, the sensation of breathing”….

Roberta Tosi – art critic